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Secret #1

A magician never reveals his secrets! 

I can tell you this... magic is not just a card trick, it's a special feeling!  It is the exciting, pleasant surprise or shock and awe feeling you get from the inability to explain the miracle you have just experienced.  Magic is a performance art that makes positive permanent memories in those who experience it.  

That is my gift to you -magical memories that last a lifetime!

Secret #2

vip magic on demand

DID YOU KNOW? Magician Bill Peterson offers "Magic on-demand"!  That's right, if you want to add some fun and unique entertainment to any event last minute, you can call short notice (as little as 1 hour notice!) and look like a super star! Both walk around/table magic and magic shows are available for this "magic on demand" entertainment!   

Call or text for immediate response and availability!

(506) 961-9431

Secret #3

Magician Bill Peterson has personally met some well known people, including Donald Trump, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Sir Richard St. John.   He has also met NYC Magicians Steve Cohen, Oz Perlman, Dan White, and Penn & Teller!

famous people

Secret #4

magic clock youtube

Magician Bill Peterson has a magical prediction...       see if it works for you!  follow directions very carefully!


1. Start by thinking of a random number from 1 to 12. 

2. Place your finger on 12'oclock and moving in a clockwise direction (to the right) spell the number you thought of by moving one number per letter around the magic clock.  (for example, If you thought of the #2,  t-w-o your finger would now be on the 3 on the clock).  keep your finger on the number you randomly landed on!

3. Continuing from the new number where you just landed (ex.3), spell that new number continuing in a clockwise direction, moving one number per letter around the clock.  (ex. t-h-r-e-e you would now be on #8 on the clock). keep your finger on the number you have now randomly landed on!

4.Repeat a third time. Continuing from the new number you just landed on (ex.8), spell that new number continuing in a clockwise direction, moving one number per letter around the clock.  You should have randomly landed on a new number by spelling the last three numbers.  THIS WILL BE YOUR NEW "MAGIC NUMBER" ...think only of this new magic number... keep thinking of this number.... and click on the Magic will magically teleport to my reveal video!

Secret #5

Wow! Thank you for being here and visiting my website!  If you have made it this far, you must have invested considerable time browsing my site!  As a special thank you I would like to offer you a special gift!  $5 off any of my public magic shows!*  Congratulations!  

There is a simple skill testing question:

Like & Share my Facebook page and msg me the number of views the video shared/posted on May 15, 2017 with 91.9 The Bend got.  Good Luck!

secret magic gift


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