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Imagine an experience that lasts a lifetime!  Magician Bill Peterson has been learning and performing magic for over 18 years, and has learned magic from all over the world… including Florida, California, New York, Las Vegas, and Canada.  He specializes in some of the most powerfulinteractive, magic effects and exclusive routines, and performs very unique close-up magic and stage shows that are absolutely amazing and different from other magicians!  

We are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans as well as new friends.  

Check out one of our next public performances or invite Magician Bill Peterson to your next event and treat yourself to a unique magical experience that you will remember forever!  

New York
Invite Magician Bill Peterson to Perform at your next event


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Magician Bill Peterson performs amazing world-class magic like you have never experienced before!   Unlike typical stage magic, there is NO smoke & mirrors, NO rabbits out of a hat, NO birds up his sleeve, and NO sponge balls!  Instead, Magician Bill Peterson performs some of the most amazing and interactive magic that includes the best effects and exclusive routines including; card magic, vanishing & teleportation of objects, mind reading, illusions, and extreme mentalism!  You will be so close to the magic, it will happen in your very own mind and in your very own hands!  You will not only see magic, you will feel it!  NEW!! TRY THE VIRTUAL LIVE STREAMING INTERACTIVE MAGIC SHOW!! 

Members of the audience participate in different ways throughout the performance and you will become part of the experience!  This is an interactive show with a variety of magical performances.  We love to meet members of our audience so be sure to register for the next show or INVITE MAGICIAN BILL PETERSON TO PERFORM AT YOUR EVENT!



What is "The Magic Ingredient" that will make your next Company Event, Fundraiser, or Private Function absolutely amazing?  It is the Magic of Corporate Magician Bill Peterson.  Bill has a unique combination of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection, humour, and showmanship that makes the experience of his magic so surprisingly exciting and amazing!   It is the quantity and quality of these key ingredients that makes Bill's Magic so unique and different from other entertainers.  When added to any Company Function, Fundraiser, or Private Function, Bill's unique style of magic makes it an exciting and unforgettable experience for everyone.  You will not only see the difference, you will feel it!  Invite Magician Bill Peterson to your next event and make it better than you ever thought it could be!  

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