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Video Gallery

Watch Bill Perform Magic Live on CTV

Bill Returns to CTV Morning Live to share more shocking magic 

Watch the surprising Encore on CTV live

Promo Video for An Evening Of Close-Up Magic

Experience Walk around magic

96.9 FM New Country with Scotty & Tony

Magic at Starbucks-Ring on Chain

Magic Elastics

Match Box Magic

Promo Video 1

Magic Video Ad

Logo Reveal 2-comets explode 

Logo Reveal 4

91.9 FM The Bend with Josh & Gen

More Magic at Starbucks- Ring On String

Magic That Fooled Penn & Teller - Tiny Plunger

Card Flourish - Shoot Card and Catch 

Promo Video 2

Logo Reveal 1

Logo Reveal 3

Logo Reveal 5

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